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Sire V10 is now back in stock.

Get yours in here http://bit.ly/SireV10

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Flame Maple Roasted Neck, Asymmetrical C-Shaped Neck, Rolled Fingerboard Edges, put them together, you get a V10.

Now available in here http://bit.ly/SireV10

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"get to know it” by Moonchild with a Sire M7 Bass Guitar
#SireJam #SireExperience

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"#NoShaveNovember Bass face in full effect" - Tony Palumbo
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Sire M2 WHP 2nd Generation

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Share us your thoughts, what makes your V9 beautiful?

#SireV9 #SireExperience
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#SireJam time! This is our Sire V7 2nd Gen (new color)

Fake Future by Allen Stone
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Thinking of getting a P7 bass? 😊
#SireExperience #SireP7

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"Let's play some more now!" - Richard Bona


C’était mon anniversaire...🎉🎊🎉
J’ouvre enfin mon colis...😳👀😳
Merci🙏🏾 à mon poto, grand frère et low end king Marcus Miller,
Kile et toute l’équipe de #sire
SIRE 2nd ... See more

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These M-series won't make you feel blue...

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