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Sire Marcus Miller V9 2nd Generation.

Powerful. Beautiful. Modern

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📷 Eric Silva

1 day ago

"The value is through the roof! Amazing quality and features!"

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Sire Marcus Miller V7 Fretless 2nd Generation (Alder)

Experience the Sire Evolution


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3 days ago

Hello Lefties!
Check this out!

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Hey lefties, have you been having trouble finding your next (or first) favorite bass? Have no fear, Sire USA is here! We're stocked up on Sires of all varieties so check 'em out on the site or ... See more

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Sire Marcus Miller V3 2nd Generation
(new color)

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📷 Beat MMM

5 days ago

Vibrance in one screen!

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Sharing this to you! Time to win the PRIZE!

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Like & Share Competition!

To Celebrate Our Official Sire USA Dealership We Are Giving You The Chance To Win €125 Off Any Sire USA Bass or 10 Free Bass Lessons.

All You Have To Do Is Like & Share ... See more

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Let's see if you can actually tell the difference!
$15,000 Fodera Vs $800 Sire

BIG THANKS to Scott Devine ScottsBassLessons.com

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1 week ago

Ultimate Jazz Bass Blindfold Challenge

"I’m going to try and guess which one is which.

Do you think I passed?...

Let's find out!

As always, see you in the shed…" - Scott Devine ... See more

Guess which one is which!
The Ultimate Blindfold Challenge.

$3500 Custom Shop Jazz Bass and $750 Sire Jazz Bass

Thank you ScottsBassLessons.com for this video.

#SireEvolution #Sire2ndGen ... See more

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