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Premium Body Material

Built with high-quality tone wood; made of either brighter Swamp Ash Wood or well-balanced North American Alder.

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Soar with Sire
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Sire of the day : Sire Marcus Miller V3 2nd Generation

Sire V3 is a combination of finely-detailed hardware and defined electronics. It’s made of mahogany, giving a warm, deep and vibrant ... See more

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How SIRE began is like a fairy tale to us. I would like to share this story with you.

From Bandmates to Visionaries

In 1995, three friends started a band together performing at different schools ... See more

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Sire Marcus Miller V9 2nd Generation
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Sire Larry Carlton L7
Premium look and feel. Powerful tone and response.

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"Upgraded high-class Jazz Bass Pickups allowing players to create special precision bass tones and vintage sound from the jazz bass"

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Sire Marcus Miller M2
Modern Bass. Excellent in all styles

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