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"Man the rolled fretboard edges are really sick. Really helps with a firm and good grip around the neck." - Jordan Machado

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They're out here waiting for you.

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"My bass is 18+ so it can legally get laid"
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Unbeatable Superstars - The V10 and The V7

Experience the Sire Evolution
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Don't miss the #SireV10 if you are near. Musikhaus Thomann

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Playing Sire V10 out of the box!

Special thanks to Giane Rangel for this video.
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Jamming Time
Sire V3 2nd Generation

Music: Good Time - @oleborudofficial (instagram)

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Spread the good news! Sire V10 is now available in Thomann. Check it out here : http://bit.ly/SireV10Thomann

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About time for your OWN unboxing. πŸ˜‰

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May you enjoy a bountiful Thanksgiving.