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Hit them lows! #SireM2

Check out these tasty Sire USA M2 bass bundles, including a Fender Rumble amp and all the accessories you need to get started!

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3 weeks ago

Review of the Sire V10 2nd Generation - "a new bass model to add to their already impressive line up bass models. It is the new flagship bass for the Sire brand." - Bass Musician Magazine

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4 weeks ago

"It's the PLAYABILITY that is kinda outlandish" - Scott Devine

Thanks ScottsBassLessons.com for this video!

4 weeks ago

Marcus Miller with Sire V7 Vintage in Hong Kong

©️ @lkstraps (instagram)

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1 month ago

"The Trio"
Sire Marcus Miller V9

#SireEvolution #Sire2ndGen #SireExperience #SireRevolution

©️ DON Bolivia

1 month ago

You won't see anything else like it!

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Sire V7 2nd Generation Lake Placid Blue
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©️ Kjinos Spil

1 month ago

Catch Marcus Miller and the team in the streets of Netherlands, Paris and Madrid!

Special thanks to Quincy Jones, Richard Bona, The Music Alliance and Adagio.

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