Please tell us briefly about yourself? And what you’ve been up to these last few years?

I am 39 years old and I live in Turkey I’m doing as a professional musician for 20 years.During this time many musical styles and musicians had the opportunity to work.

How did you get to know Sire Bass and what is your first impression when you play Sire bass for the first time?

I’m introducing Siri Marcus Miller Bass and because of that before leaving the brand endorser.From that moment I began to follow sound samples and videos on the internet.

For me the combination of wood and electronic circuits is very important and I play these instruments career I would be very careful.I listen to audio samples of voices sounded so good,Once purchased Siri Bass signal which is sent to the mixer I saw an incredibly beautiful

When and how did you start playing bass?

Even as a small boy, I heard a man playing bass guitar magnificent,When I later learned that the man should play the bass guitarist Jaco Pastorius that I thought at that time I was 12 years old …

What or who were your early passions or influences of music do you play?

Full-time bass player Jaco Pastorius with the best then Marcus Miller,Nathan East,Anthony Jackson…In my own country İsmail Soyberk,Raci Pismisoglu,Nurhat Sensesli,Ahmet Guvenc

Are you a professional musician or a member of any band? If so, would you tell us about your music career?

I’m a professional musician, I play bass guitar in the band Pandora groups in Turkey in the last five years, On the road constantly and with this group

Where does your band usually perform? What was the most memorable performance for you?

We’re playing with Pop-Rock Group.April 2015, we gave a concert twice with Çukurova State Symphony Orchestra really incredibly excellent and memorable performance

As you are from Turkey, could you describe us about Turkish music? What sort of music do you play?

Music in Turkey is divided into eastern and western music.Sounds of Turkish music is wide, 4 coma In Western music has 4.5 coma width.The main instruments in Turkish music: Oud, the kanun, violin, flute, drum, lute, fiddle classic, rebaba, dulcimer, kudüm, tambourine and cymbals.

We play together with the pop-rock group.

Do you think the Music can do something to this world?

Music is something universal,Even without knowing the language understood by the music of people in other countries.I think world music is the common language.

What the music means to you?

Music is my life, my dreams and my freedom.

Any advice or suggestion to Sire guitars?

Very nice price and performance.To the Sire Guitars family, thank you for all you do for us as musicians.anything spectacular…