Humberto Miquilena

1) Please tell us briefly about yourself? And what you’ve been up to these last few years?

I was born in Maracaibo, a city on the west of Venezuela, at 13 years old me and my family moved to Caracas, there I finished my high school and later Graphic Design, since 2013 I establish in Bucharest-Romania which I became the bass player on the Tavi Colen Band.

2) How did you get to know Sire Bass and what is your first impression when you play Sire bass for the first time?

Well, I was playing for years a fender precision bass, when I started to play here in Romania with Tavi Colen Band. I realized that I needed an instrument according to the style of music what I’m playing, a versatile instrument with attitude and also affordable, so I talked to a friend who live in the USA and he recommended me the New Sire Marcus Miller bass with good quality and price, that’s when I found here in Europe by Thomman and I bought it! The pre-amp is amazing and the construction quality, I can play any style of music with this bass!

3) When and how did you start playing bass?

I started to play the bass at 17 when I bought my first bass, when I heard the sound of Steve Harris of Iron Maiden then I decided to play the bass.

4) Which one do you prefer to play between Picks and Fingerstyle?

I prefer fingerstyle I feel more comfortable, but I also use the pick, depends of the music I am playing, but difinitely fingerstyle which I play 80% of the time.

5) Do you used to play other musical instrument If yes, why do you change into Bass player?

I always played the bass, in one period I was into blues and I tried to play guitar because I was interested to play blues, but I returned to play the bass, is my mean instrument.

6) You are obviously very talented, as you are bass player, composer. Do you still focus on this thing or you are focusing on one thing more than others?

For sure, as a musician I can not focus in one thing, when you’re on stage you got to transmit what you’re playing and what music means to you, it’s a lot of thing when you are on stage.

7) As you are from Venezuela, could you describe us about your typical music at your hometown? What sort of music do you play?

The typical music of my country is called JOROPO also we have variety and is a mixture of European, south American and African culture, which is very rich and colorful in harmonies, I love it! But I was hooked by rock and progressive music which is my influence. Now I play a combination of traditional music from Romania, combined with rock and classical music.

8) Do you think the Music can do something to this world?

Of course! Music can make you cry, can make you laugh, inspire new young musicians, music can change peoples life.

9) What the music means to you?

Everything is my job, my passion, what I do, it is what I love, I wake up in the morning and go to bed at night with music in my head!

10) Any advice or suggestion to Sire guitars?

Keep going supporting new musicians with quality instruments.