Please tell us briefly about yourself? And what you’ve been up to these last few years?

Hi I am Rama Lesmana Natanael. I currently live at Jakarta, Indonesia. I graduated from law school but music has always been my special joy that made me as a full time musician now. I am a bassist for local artists and I’ve been working with on some gospel albums with various artists and a Christmas album which I played my Sire V7 there.

How did you get to know Sire Bass and what is your first impression when you play Sire bass for the first time?

I saw Sire for the first time from Marcus Miller’s Facebook post. With my curiosity of a big name of Marcus Miller and the fact that it is made in Indonesia I ordered my first Sire V7 4 string.  My only first impression was the unbelief that I play a cheap bass with a boutique quality in my hands, and it is made in Indonesia.

When and how did you start playing bass?

Drums is my first instrument when I was 13 years old that I played in a small church in Magetan my hometown. Not long after that, whenever I play the drums the neighbors next to my church often complained and even stoned my church, that forced me to switch to an instrument that still has a closer connection with the drums and Voila, I practice my first bass on my acoustic guitars until I could afford my first bass guitar.

What or who were your early passions or influences of music do you play?

My first & still until now bassist influence is Abraham Laboriel, Sr. Now, many gospel musicians such as Andrew Gouche, Maurice Fitzgerald, Ethan Farmer, Nathan East, Marcus Miller, Victor Wooten, Phil Perry, Ledisi and many more have developed my music.

Are you a professional musician or a member of any band? If so, would you tell us about your music career?

I’ve been playing music from 13 years old and I’ve played for an American gospel singer Ricardo Sanchez, Bona Pascal, Anthonie & Friends, Soulla Sisters, Jakarta Tabernacle Choir, Aldisyah, Sierra Latupeirrisa and various local artists.

What live performance experience have you had? Do you perform in public? Describe those occasions? Please give us your favorite song which defines yourself?

Yes I’ve played for live TV shows, gospel events, wedding gigs, local artists showcases and many more. Many songs that define my music, some are Israel Houghton, Phil Perry, Ledisi, Clark Sisters, Gerald Albright, Lalah Hathaway, Kim Burrel.

As you are from Indonesia, could you descript us about Indonesian music? What sort of music do you play?

Indonesian music is as various as the people. We have many different tribes with the different cultures. There are Balinese, Javanese, Ambonese and many interesting traditional music. Whenever you hear of Gamelan, Suling (Similar as flute), Angklung, Kulintang, Sape they are originally from Indonesia. Maybe one of the best young musicians that represent Indonesian Music I could name where my brother is the drummer is “G5” which is a runner up band for Asian Beat 2015 Japan, my brother is also playing the Sire V7 5 string. I play every genre there is that needs a bass, I think this is what a bassist should be, mastering and playing many genres.

Do you think the Music can do something to this world?

No doubt with that. Music can trespass every barrier in this world and make a change.

What the music means to you?

Music is part of my life as the breath I take. Cannot imagine the world without music.

Any advice or suggestion to Sire guitars?

Keep making great instruments with boutique quality with an affordable price. I need Sire 6 string!!!And please make with the Ebony board.