Rob Silva – USA

1) Please tell us briefly about yourself? And what you've been up to these last few years?

My name is Rob Silva. I am a proud husband to a beautiful wife, and father to 2 awesome children. I recently relocated to Las Vegas, NV but I am originally from Makakilo, Hawaii (on the island of O’ahu). Not only am I a bassist, but I am also an ‘ukulele player and ‘ukulele teacher. I also have the heart to play the guitar, and love the drums. But bass and ‘ukulele are my priority. I’ve been playing music since I was a young boy.

These last few years, I have been playing bass and trying to learn more everyday about bass playing. I practice daily, and have been playing bass frequently with different bands and on my church worship team. I’ve also been teaching and playing my ‘ukulele.

2) How did you get to know Sire Bass and what is your first impression when you play Sire bass for the first time?

I first heard about Sire Bass about a year ago when I saw bassist, Jackie Clark, playing it on-line. I then looked it up, did some research, and was excited to learn more about it when I found out Marcus Miller was a part of Sire Bass.

My first impression when I first played a Sire Bass was I thought this bass was so amazing, and it sounded as if I was playing a $1,000+ bass. Everything about this bass was everything I’ve been looking for in a bass because of its versatility. The built was a really impressive, the feel was very comfortable, and the look was sexy.

3) When and how did you start playing bass?

I first started playing the bass in 2005. I started playing because my brother-in-law needed a bass player for the worship team. My mom also needed a bass player for her hula halau band. Eventually, my wife and her sisters’ gospel group also needed a bassist. When I first picked up the bass, I fell in love because I loved being in that groove.

4) On your Face book page I found that you always use hashtag #sire4Lyfe. Could you please give us your definition about that?

#Sire4Lyfe means that I will forever play a Sire Bass and be dedicated to the Sire family. I am content with Sire Basses and will never switch to another brand. This is the brand bass that I’ve held onto for the longest time.

5) I saw on your Timeline that you always play music when you are in Worship ceremony. How does the worship influence to your music?

My worship is to God. God gave me these talents and provided me my instruments, so I want to give back to Him what He blessed me with. When I am in worship, I play the bass with all my heart and enjoy the beautiful sound of the music being played.

6) Which style of music that you play often?

Worship, Hawaiian, R&B, Neo Soul, Gospel, and Jazz.

7) As your Hometown is Hawaii. Could you please tell us, why you decided to relocate in Las Vegas Nevada?

I relocated to Las Vegas, NV from Hawai’i because Hawai’i was getting too expensive. I also wanted to give my children a better opportunity to experience more. But Hawai’i will always be home and where my heart is.

8) Do you think the Music can do something to this world?

I think music can and has already done great things in this world. Music brings all different people from all over the world together. Music is something that everyone listens to.

9) What does music mean to you?

Music to me is everything. It’s a comfort zone and a place of relaxation and peace.

10) Any advice or suggestion to Sire guitars?

Maybe just more apparel to advertise Sire (such as hats, shirts, etc.). Other than that, just keep doing what you do. Because for me, its “Sire4Lyfe