1) Tell us something about yourself and how you became a bass player?

Became a bass player by default because someone has to play it in my high school band! Fell in love with the sound and how it affects the whole band.

2) Who is your main influence in playing bass? In tone, style, etc.

My first main influences would be Adam Clayton(U2) and Flea..then i heard Jaco and i was floored.the sound,touch,everything.

3) Tell us something about your preferences in tone. Why the Alder V7?

For every genre,i hear a certain tone..punchy and distinct,will cut through the whole mix,especially in recordings,where the bass needs to ground the song..the jazz bass config. Is very versatile in that sense..the alder V7 has all those things.

4) Tell us something about your first gig using your Sire bass.

Everyone was giving me the thumbs up..the way it envelopes the bottom end. It was a good day!

5) How does it feel to be the first Sire friend in the Philippines?

I am honored to be the first Sire friend in the Philippines considering that the bass is Marcus Miller’s brainchild. Everything about the instrument is world class..craftsmanship,tone,looks and the fact the beginners could actually avail it for a reasonable price. It would inspire them to make music for the long haul.

6) Any words for the bass players out there planning to get a Sire in the future?

You won’t regret it! This is the game changer!

7)How did you come to know the Sire brand and what are you initial thoughts about us?

I saw it first on Facebook when Adrian Nuñez posted about it. Classic look and with Marcus Miller’ s name on it! No-brainer i want to have V-7 rosewood!

8)When you received your Sire bass, what was your impression with it?

My initial impression was this is a classic with steroids..tried it out live and the tone was killing.Clear bottom end and cutting..embraces the whole band.In the studio,the tone is punchy and very versatile.

9)Kindly tell us about your musical career in your country. Are you a member of a local band in the Philippines?

I am part of Freestyle(pop group) and released more than ten albums the past 2 decades. We play clubs and national tours around the country and has just finished an australian tour. I was also part of Barbie’s Cradle and released 3 albums the past..been doing some side projects (NRML Project). I also have my studio/session side and has played on more than 100 albums..anything the keeps the blood flowing!

10)What inspires you to play? Where do you get your inspiration from it?

Music has been a part of life since i was a teenager. I’ve been blessed to do this the past 2 decades..where as before music has been its own reward,now my main inspiration is my family,my wife Owie and my kids,Kristo and Audrey.