Sire Story

How SIRE began is like a fairy tale to us, I would like to share that story with you.

1. Three friends

In 1995, three friends started a band together and performed at different schools and churches. Joe played the drums, David played the guitar, and I Kyle, played the bass and this is how our story begins.

After around twenty years later, the three of us are still together working for the SIRE company and sharing the vision of the SIRE Revolution. Joe is the CFO, David is the COO and I Kyle, became the CEO.

2. A Band That Made Their Own Instruments

Playing together as band members, we were always short on money to buy good quality instruments. In fact, we couldn’t even think about owning good instruments because they were expensive.

So we got guitar pickups, hardware and bought some guitar building books from a bookstore and studied night after night, learning how to build guitars. We became a band that built their own instruments.

3. Tasting success

Soon after, other musicians started buying the guitars we’ve built and used. As the demand grew, our ability to build instruments improved and we started selling our guitars online.

We continued to grow, and after ten years, we became the most loved and sought-after guitar building company in Korea.

4. Facing Hard Reality In the World Market

When we became the number one guitar company in Korea, we were ready to make the next move. The huge success and accomplishments in Korea gave us the confidence to challenge the global market.

But the walls of the international market were high, distribution companies in US, Europe, and Japan acknowledged the quality and attractive prices of our instruments but were hesitant to sign the deal. To most, we were a no name brand that no one knew about in the international market. Major Companies and distributors did not want to take risks and pursue business with a young company.

5. Facing hard reality, we came up with three important decisions to successfully launch SIRE.

– Launch a new American brand in US.
– Come up with a product that is overwhelming in quality and price (Professional quality at insane price).
– Partner and collaborate with top musicians that understands the SIRE Revolution.

6. Meeting Marcus Miller

We attempted to meet with various musicians in the US but many of them were mildly interested in our vision and revolutionary ideas.

Come to think of it, since there was no company doing such thing, it probably sounded too good to be true.

But when we met with Marcus Miller, he was different. To our pleasant surprise, he was genuinely interested in our ideas and vision. However it took two and a half years of research and development and many improvements to come out with an instrument that got his final thumbs-up.

7. In 2015, SIRE Company officially launches in Corona, CA.

Within a year, the name SIRE spread rapidly on YouTube, Facebook, and other social media communities. Two and a half years later, SIRE received attention from bass players and industries from all over the world.


What is the SIRE revolution that has been our vision since the company has been established?

The SIRE revolution is about sharing the benefit of the advanced manufacturing technology with the end users.

With SIRE factories advanced automation technology and mass production capability, we can manufacture high quality instruments at lower costs without compromising quality. We want to share this benefit with average players by making it possible for them to purchase high quality instruments at low costs. This is how the “professional quality at an insane price” is possible and this is why we call it the SIRE revolution.

But we need your help to make the SIRE revolution possible.

All we ask is that you judge SIRE products solely on quality without price bias. We have received hundreds of questions from people asking, “How can you make profit by selling them this low?”

Our answer to this question is simple.

If you compare Sire products with other brands without any bias, you will see for yourself why we call it the SIRE Revolution. We believe our price and quality will convince you and make you a believer.

The hard work for the past several years have paid off and we are now very close in fulfilling the vision. Join us in the SIRE Revolution!

Marcus Miller, the real HERO behind SIRE.

Marcus Miller is one of a kind. Not only is his skills at a different level, his mindset was of a different dimension than most people we’ve met. This is why we respect him so much.

When we shared our vision and plans to build professional quality instrument at affordable costs, most people doubted us and saw us as day dreamers. But when Marcus Miller met with us, he sat down and listened to our stories and vision, and thought through the possibilities.

If his priority was money, SIRE and Marcus Miller collaboration would have not been possible because there would have been too many risks.

But his devotion to music and desire to see music played by more people made it possible. He wanted to use his influence and social responsibility for a good cause, which was to help musicians by making music available and attainable for everyone. His noble mind made the SIRE Revolution possible.

We in SIRE, deeply and genuinely respect Marcus Miller.

He is a humble and admirable man with a great cause.

And that is why we believe Marcus Miller is loved by many musicians and fans. It is not only his music, but his beautiful mind and genuine love for music and desire to be a positive influence for all music lovers.

SIRE Future Plans

SIRE is not only a bass manufacturing company.
As our motto indicates, “Professional Quality at Insane Price”, we will challenge ourselves in any areas that we can to bring the same results as our successful products. In 2018, SIRE Monster 7 microphones, acoustic electric guitars, and Miller 7 earphones that are “professional quality, yet insanely priced,” will be available. And there will be more to come. So join the SIRE Revolution as we embark on a new journey.