Sire V7 Fretless

Some of our customers have suggested us to create fretless basses. So we are considering producing them by preorder.

Fretless bass in regular production is difficult due to very limited demand. Therefore, if we get more than 20 pre-orders, we can start producing them.

So we are opening for fretless bass order from today until July 21. We will start the production when we receive more than 20 orders, and the shipping will start by the end of August. But if the order doesn’t reach 20, sorry folks, we’ll have to pass.

If anyone interested, please provide basic information below and email to us.

Name :

Address, telephone number, email address:

Requested Model (E.g. V7 4string Natural) :

Send email to

Please note that there will be extra $70 charge from the regular price.

We appreciate your interest.

Thank you.