1. Tell us something about yourself and how you became a bass player.

My orientation and appeal towards music started in high school. Then I continued my scholarship in Music Teaching Department of Marmara University, in the year 1985. That is also where I got my education on classical guitar and piano. I really wanted to play bass, so, I decided to play in a band which we formed with our friends, in 1987. I have been playing since, then.

2. When and where did you learn about Sire? What was your first impression with the basses?

Ünsal Dinçer, of your Turkish partner Senkop Music, informed and invited me to try Sire Basses to the shop. I adored Sire by it’s tonal variety, very comfortable fretboard, and it’s top quality material. And so, I became the official Sire endorser of Senkop Music (V7ALD5TS).


3. Tell us something about your first gig using your Sire bass.

I have accompanied, and am still accompanying, many important Turkish pop artists on their gigs and recording sessions. The first time I played my Sire bass was on Erol Evgin’s concert, one of the most famous pop singers of Turkey. Since Mr. Evgin has a wide range in his repertoire (such as jazz, pop, rock, turkish folk…), which was also a very important experience for me. Also, I recorded the bass lines on the premiering album of our band Sekans 4 (Kayıp Kelimeler Krallığı), with my own Sire V7; as mentioned also, on the album’s cover, as the bass itself has shown a great performance in the session.

4. Kindly tell us about your musical career in your country.

As a professional bass guitarist, I accompanied, am still accompanying, many famous artists in Turkey (such as; Ersen ve Dadaşlar,Erol Evgin,Emre Altuğ,Cem Karaca,Cahit Berkay,Simge Sağın ,Gülşen ) in their gig’s and recording sessions, for 30 years. Also, I recorded albums of Ersen ve Dadaşlar (1998-2007), Cahit Berkay & Grup Zan’s – Toprak (2007), and Sekans 4’s – Kayıp Kelimeler Krallığı (2016). My own compositions also found their place in many different singer’s own albums. My own bass guitar method book got published in the year 2014. Also I am giving private lessons and organising Workshops. You can find more about me on www.zafersanli.com.

5. You are a composer, music director, bass player, and a writer. How do you manage to do all of that and stay concentrated?

First of all, I would like to state that my actual professional domain is bass guitar and studio musicianship. I am giving private lessons in my private studio, in my spare times from the concerts. I am updating my Youtube Channel with my own equipe. As a dedicated professional musician, I am still appearing with my compositions and as a music director in valuable projects, from time to time.

6. What was your inspiration on writing your book and creating educational videos on YouTube?

It was hard to reach for Turkish sources about bass guitar playing, back in my time, so, as many of us, I also learned from sources in foreign languages. That’s where I felt the necessity of a source in our own tongue, so  I always dreamed to write a method which would be a trusted source for bass guitarists. Music Teaching was my department in the university, though I never had the time to be a music teacher as I continued my carreer as a professional musician. By the time I felt the right moment, I combined my vast experience and professional reservoir , so I decided to write and publish a bass guitar method. After 2 years with full dedication, my method of 102 pages with 3 cd’s full-of-backing track to accompany learners, was published in the name of Bas Gitarist’in El Kitabı (Bass Guitarist’s Handbook) was published and nominated as the most extensive bass method in my own country, which made me really happy. After the publishing, I decided to visualise my method and made a partnership agreement with YouTube. www.basgitaristelkitabi.com

7. What does music mean to you?

Music is a great passion and a way of life. I always believed that, whatever you do, you should do it with love.

8. You are a professional bass player with long list of experiences but do you still remember your first performance and how you felt??

We entered to a contest with our band in university, Labirent (Labyrinth) . This was the first time I played in front of a crowd so I was very excited. I worked a lot and the hard work paid-off well; with 3 awards which helped me a lot to maintain my self-confidence. This was the one I never forgot.

9. Please tell us where we can find more about you.

You can find more about me on:
My official website:

The official website of my book:

My official Wikipedia page:

In Youtube:

My official Youtube channel where my works and appearances can be seen: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0Cn7ntPQlWLJIuMlxj7zFg

My second official YouTube channel where educational videos about learning and playing the bass guitar can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrQY0ETn9EYqZ7ubVVcmJ0w

In Instagram:

My official Instagram page where my works and appearances can be seen:
zafer_sanli (related with the channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0Cn7ntPQlWLJIuMlxj7zFg)

My second official page where educational videos about learning and playing the bass guitar can be
bassguitar_academy(related with the channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrQY0ETn9EYqZ7ubVVcmJ0w)

And also;
A link to your partner Senkop Müzik’s page, where I am being mentioned:

10. Any words for the bass players out there planning to get a Sire in the future?

There are many reasons for bass players to get themselves a Sire Bass. The tonal variety compared with good prices make it possible to play in any genre, style. Along with that, it’s comfortable fretboard and quality the of material used in building the bass is a very sufficient reason to acquire a Sire, in my own opinion.