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Sire Video Of The Day: V3
Slap Groove
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P7 Alder & V7 Alder : Which one would you choose?

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5 days ago

Pure humbucker advanced for higher definition sound
- Sire M5 : https://bit.ly/2XtGTTN

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6 days ago

C-Asymmetrical Neck Structure
Ergonomically designed, for longer playing comfort

Sire V10: https://bit.ly/2P3OIe2

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1 week ago
Photos from Sire USA's post

FLAGSHIP: Sire Marcus Miller V7
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Sire of the day: Sire Marcus Miller V9 2nd Generation

Vintage J-style bass with a modern touch

Paired with a satin finish and a rolled edge fretboard for playing comfort, Sire V9 gives a richer ... See more

1 week ago
Sire Marcus Miller U5 Short Scale Bass UNBOXING!!

Happy New Bass Day!
Here's an unboxing video : Sire Marcus Miller U5

#SireExperience #SireUnboxing


Sire U5 Unboxing-- Simple unboxing and plug n play...no setup or tweak at all...Just play the axe right out of the box! Another home run for Sire in my opini...

1 week ago

Sire Marcus Miller M7 2nd Generation
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1 week ago

Sire Video Of The Day
"Sire Marcus Miller U5"

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Sire U5 : https://bit.ly/3g2bBdU

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1 week ago

Added natural Mother of Pearl for a more luxurious look and feel.

- Sire P10 : https://bit.ly/2ZU5DWx

#SireP10 #SoarWithSire #SireExperience

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